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6 Best Drone Games

Flying drones is no longer just a pastime for America’s well-to-do. Today, the drone culture is a serious business with lucrative income potential. Drone piloting is also a major hobby for those who enjoy the challenge. The downside of being an avid drone pilot, however, is not always having the opportunity to practice your skills.

Weather, such as high winds, rain, or snow, can make your flying experience challenging. Operating a drone in bad weather also puts your equipment at risk of permanent damage. With the onset of regulations requiring licensing and zoning permissions to fly, you might not have the capability or clearance to operate your aircraft. When you don’t have the option to fly your drone, playing drone games can be a fun and useful substitute for the real thing. Here are six of the best drone games to help you practice your skills.

1. Real Flight Drone Edition

Real Flight Drone Edition has something for newbies and veterans alike. A mixture of simulated drones is up for grabs in this game, including a three-motor model, some four-motor models, an eight-motor model, and a hexacopter. Use this game to learn how to handle your drone for aerial pictures and aerobatics. You can learn to race using the FPV. Reduce the risk of damaging your real-life drone by flying with an on-screen simulation.

An added feature of this game is Futaba’s Elite controller. The remote works just like a transmitter. Instead of a basic video game controller, the Elite controller allows you to become comfortable using a real drone flight simulator. If you already own a transmitter, you might not need to purchase a new one.

2. RealFlight Mobile

For those of you faithful mobile game lovers who enjoy playing drone games on the go, RealFlight Mobile is available for download on iPhone and Android systems. The game comes with different presets that vary according to skill level, such as beginner, intermediate, and professional. The controls are easy to learn. RealFlight Mobile is a great starting place if you have never flown an actual drone.

3. Phoenix RC 5-5

Exquisite graphics and realistic scenes make the Phoenix RC 5-5 simulator one of the best software games. A radio controls the experience with the benefits of an RC club plus flying field. This newest version has some exciting upgrades, including better graphics and the option to purchase additional software that allows you to create and fly your own models and then share them with others. This game is a good activity for a rainy day.
You can practice takeoffs and landings without causing expensive damage to your real drone, thanks to the Spectrum radio controller that comes with the software. This controller is a working RC that can adapt to most drones.

4. Real Drone Simulator

If the multiplayer arena is your idea of fun, take a look at Real Drone Simulator. Real Drone simulator is a browser game with the option to play on a split screen that hosts four to eight players. While this game is currently in its pre-alpha version, the download is available for free. The game comes with a storyline that allows you to play in a career mode to collect coins for repairing or improving your aircraft or acquiring a new one.

5. LIFTOFF Drone Simulator

LIFTOFF is a simulator game for drone racing fans, featuring a drone race in a digital world from a first-person view. The scene from the game is so real that you might forget its only a game. The maker created LIFTOFF to entice more people to try the FPV racing experience. Veteran racers and beginners alike can enjoy this game.

6. Drone Flight Simulator

If you enjoy mastering levels and graduating to new ones, Drone Flight Simulator might be the game for you. It also helps you find out if you have what it takes to be a drone pilot. The simulator figures in actual physics, such as wind speed and gravity. Be careful, though — lightning might strike your drone if you’re flying too high. The Drone Flight Simulator is set to make you feel like you are operating as the pilot.

Try these drone games to find out which one you like best. If you’re really into drones, be it camera drones or drone racing, check out the interactive series #WarGames. In it, Kelly and her hacker friends handle drones skillfully in their attempt to create an international movement for justice. Are your drone skills this sharp?

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