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5 Most Popular Internet Challenges

Whether it’s planking, snorting condoms, or stuffing a ridiculous amount of marshmallows into your mouth, you’d have to be living under a rock to have missed the Internet challenges that have captivated the world.

Some challenges are dangerous, some are a good laugh, and some are just plain weird. Keep reading to see if you’ve participated in five of the most popular Internet challenges or if you opted out and laughed at your friends instead.

What Is an Internet Challenge?

The accessibility of the Internet has made it possible for anyone with a laptop to challenge the world. One of the challenges we’re going to talk about, for instance, started with an Instagram post. Internet challenges are the modern dares that used to take place at sleepovers and late at night with friends. While seemingly most popular with teens, Internet challenges invite anyone to complete a dare, record it, and share it with the world.
The Most Popular Internet Challenges

Internet challenges attract attention for a variety of reasons: some contribute to a good cause, some are attractive because of their inherent risks, and some provide a fun activity for friends. Other challenges, however, rise to popularity despite being hazardous to their participants. Here, in no particular order, are five of the most popular Internet challenges.

1. Ghost Pepper Challenge

What’s the natural first reaction when we learn that something is absurdly spicy? Dare our friends to eat it, of course! That’s how the Ghost Pepper Challenge was born.

This challenge is simple: take a bite of the ridiculously hot ghost pepper, which is rated over one million Scoville heat units while your standard jalapeño is between only 2,500 ad 5,000 Scoville units. Try not to cry or scream from the heat. Some participants challenge each other to see who can eat the most peppers.

2. Cinnamon Challenge

Arguably one of the first viral Internet challenges, the Cinnamon Challenge demands that you eat a spoonful of cinnamon. Many participated in the challenge because, well, how hard can it be? Turns out, very hard.

A spoonful of cinnamon will immediately absorb all the moisture in your mouth, which causes your lungs to instinctively cough. That result caused most challengers to spray clouds of cinnamon all over themselves. In some cases individuals inhaled the cinnamon, resulting in rare cases of collapsed lungs and pneumonia.

3. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie Jenner is known for her abnormally plump lips. What may have started as girls genuinely wanting thicker lips became the Internet challenge of 2015.

Challengers took a shot glass, or other small glass object, and sucked as hard as they could, trapping their lips within the narrow glass. Suck long enough and you’ll end up with big, swollen lips. Some, however, ended up with bruised and torn skin, some of which caused permanent damage. Let’s be honest – unless you get lip fillers like Kylie, you won’t get those lips.

4. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Not all challenges are dangerous or about getting attention. In the summer of 2014, the ALS ice bucket challenge swept the Internet. According to the ALS Association, the challenge ended up raising $115 million that went towards research of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

The Ice Bucket Challenge involved someone having a bucket of ice water dumped over their body, either by themselves or by a friend. Before the individual froze themselves, they’d nominate another friend or family member to complete the challenge.
Those who forfeited the challenge were supposed to donate to ALS research. Many participants, however, dunked themselves and still donated. See? Internet challenges can do good, too.

5. Tide Pod Challenge

One of the most recent, and most dangerous, internet challenges is the infamous Tide Pod Challenge. It involved participants, usually kids and teenagers, stuffing liquid laundry detergent packets into their mouths and biting down on the packet until the soap spilled out.

Not all of that detergent makes it out of the mouth, however, and it’s toxic. Ingesting the liquid soap can cause heart issues, loss of consciousness, and even seizures. The challenge became so dangerous that YouTube committed to flagging videos that glorified the challenge because it was inherently dangerous.

Internet challenges have become, and will likely continue to be, a central aspect of an interconnected global community, especially for kids and teenagers. While sometimes dangerous, these challenges can create a community of participants from all over the world and they dare friends to interact in new ways.

If you’re looking for a unique challenge that won’t land you in the hospital or make your tongue numb, check out #WarGames episode 4. #WarGames is an interactive entertainment experience that challenges you to determine the outcome of a series of captivating stories.

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