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5 Fun Online Games to Play With Friends

Thanks to the much faster internet connection speeds now prevalent, video games are hardly what they used to be. What was once “sad loner sitting in front of a Nintendo console until 4 a.m.” has now become “massive social gatherings…


5 Most Famous Women in Computer Science

Despite the relatively high number of women pursuing degrees and careers in math and science, the percentage of women in computer science remains low. For instance, although women have earned about half of all bachelor’s degrees in science and engineering…


6 Most Popular Social Movements Currently

Most days, it’s hard to watch the news, browse social media, or read a trending article without being confronted by everything that’s wrong with the world. Fortunately, now more than ever before, people across the nation and around the world…


How to Spot Fake News Online

Newspapers and TV news programs are becoming a thing of the past as more and more people rely on the internet for their daily dose of facts. However, the number of fake news articles on the internet has reached astounding…